DTF and SUBLIMATION TRANSFERS- Must use a heat press.

DTF TRANSFERS : Firm/Heavy Pressure, Pre-press Garment for 5-10 seconds. Press at 300°F-310 °F(cotton shirts) and 260°F-280°F (polyester and blended shirts) for 10 Seconds COLD PEEL. After peel, place Teflon/Parchment/Butcher Paper over design & press again for an additional seconds


- Pressure needs to be Med-Firm(high/heavy).
- Press for 385-400* for 60 seconds. Every heat press has its own sweet spot for temperature. You may need to adjust your temperature to achieve the best results.


You MUST have a heat press for our Transfers.

All Temps are just starting points, every heat press has its own sweet spot. They may vary on your heat press. We highly recommend a heat gun to check your temps and if you unfamiliar with our transfers please consider ordering a test print.

Make sure you look over every transfer before you press it for excess ink, stains, or blemishes. Once you press the transfer onto the shirt we are not responsible for the transfer or any shirts that may be lost/ruined. This INCLUDES checking to ensure you have the correct prints in your order.


-Wash the cup before use.
-Hand-wash with warm water and mild dish soap.
-NOT microwave safe.
-Do not soak.
-Dropping may cause chipping.